Jura 12 Years 70cl

Country Of Origin Storbritannien
Weight Unit Amount 0.7 l
Alcohol Percentage 40 %
Isle of Jura 12 jaar is een verfijnde single malt Schotse whisky, afkomstig van het afgelegen eiland Jura. De whisky verrast met een perfecte balans van honing, chocolade en zachte kruiden, en heeft een subtiele rokerigheid. Geniet van deze uitzonderlijke whisky en ontdek de rijke geschiedenis en vakmanschap achter elk...
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About Isle of Jura 12 Years

Isle of Jura 12 Years is a remarkable single malt Scotch whisky hailing from the remote island of Jura, located off the west coast of Scotland. The brand has been producing exceptional whiskies since 1810, and the Isle Of Jura 12 Years is one of their most celebrated expressions.

The Island's Influence

The island itself boasts a rich history and a landscape that greatly influences the character of its whiskies. With just one road, one pub, and one distillery, the Isle of Jura embodies a true sense of community and craftsmanship. The pristine environment and natural resources contribute to the unique taste profile of this exceptional whisky.

Taste Profile

On the palate, Isle Of Jura 12 Years offers a delightful balance of flavors, including notes of honey, chocolate, and soft spices. It has a gentle smokiness that complements its sweet and fruity undertones. As you sip this fine whisky, you'll also discover subtle hints of roasted coffee beans and walnut that linger on the finish.


The nose of Isle Of Jura 12 Years presents an inviting aroma, boasting scents of fruitcake, gingerbread, and freshly brewed espresso. These enticing aromas intermingle with soft peat smoke, creating an alluring olfactory experience for whisky enthusiasts to savor.

Aging Process & Fun Fact

A fun fact about this whisky is that it's aged in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in hand-selected Oloroso sherry casks. This meticulous aging process imparts rich flavors and adds depth to its already impressive profile. The dedication to quality and tradition is evident in every bottle produced by the Isle of Jura Distillery.


In terms of production, Isle Of Jura 12 Years is crafted using locally sourced water from the island's Market Loch. This pure water source not only enhances the flavor but also plays a vital role in the fermentation process. The distillery also employs tall, elegant stills that allow the spirit to have maximum contact with the copper, resulting in a more refined and smoother taste.

SKU L-08-079-00
Brand Jura
Tilbudspris 260,00 kr.
Alkoholprocent 40 %
Inkluderer Giftbox Ja
Smagsprofil Kraftig og røget
Område Det Forenede Kongerige - Skotland - Islay/Western Isles
Drikkevaretype Whisky
Type whisky Single Malt
Oprindelsesland Storbritannien
Indhold 0.7 l
EAN stregkode 5013967012509

Jura Jura 12 Years 70cl


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