Salmari Premium Salmiak Liquor 70cl

Country Of Origin Finland
Weight Unit Amount 0.7 Liter
Alcohol Percentage 25 %
Salmari Premium Salmiak Liquor 70cl: A unique and intense Finnish licor with a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness. Made from high-quality ingredients, it is perfect as an after-dinner drink, served chilled in small glasses.
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Salmari Premium Salmiak Liquor 70cl

Salmari Premium Salmiak Liquor 70cl is a unique and delicious licor that offers an intense flavor experience. This licor has a strong connection to the Finnish culture, where it was born as a traditional drink made by mixing salmiakki candy with vodka.

The Brand

The brand Salmari is known for its exceptional quality and authentic Finnish taste. It is produced by Altia Corporation, one of the leading wine and spirits companies in the Nordic countries. They are committed to using only high-quality ingredients and following strict production processes to ensure the best possible taste and quality.


Salmari has a distinct taste that combines the bitterness of salmiakki with the sweetness of caramel and a hint of saltiness. It is perfect as an after-dinner drink, served chilled in small glasses. The licor has a dark brown color and a thick consistency that leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.


When you open the bottle, you will immediately smell the strong aroma of salmiakki and caramel, with a slight hint of alcohol. The scent is both sweet and sharp, which makes it very distinctive.

Fun Fact

Fun fact about Salmari: In Finland, Salmari has become somewhat of a national drink, especially among young people. It is often enjoyed during celebrations or as a way to warm up during cold winter nights.

Production Process

The production process of Salmari involves infusing high-quality vodka with natural salmiakki flavoring and caramel syrup. The licor is then left to age in oak barrels for several months to enhance its flavor and give it a smooth texture. The result is a premium licor that reflects the Finnish tradition and culture.

SKU L-00-550-00
Brand Salmari
Tilbudspris 120,00 kr.
Alkoholprocent 25 %
Oprindelsesland Finland
Indhold 0.7 Liter
Drikkevaretype Likører
EAN stregkode 7081457235859

Salmari Salmari Premium Salmiak Liquor 70cl


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