Licor 43 1ltr

Country Of Origin Spanien
Weight Unit Amount 1 l
Alcohol Percentage 31 %
Licor 43: A Spanish liquor made from a secret family recipe of 43 natural ingredients. Sweet, smooth and versatile with hints of vanilla and citrus.
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About Licor 43

Licor 43 is a Spanish liquor that has been around for over 70 years. It is made from a secret family recipe that includes 43 natural ingredients, hence the name. The brand prides itself on its unique taste and versatility.

The Place Where it is Made

The licor is made in Cartagena, Spain, where it has been produced since 1946. Its original name was Cuarenta y Tres, which means "43" in Spanish, but it was later changed to Licor 43 for easier recognition.

Taste and Smell of Licor 43

Licor 43 has a sweet and smooth taste with hints of vanilla and citrus. It has a distinct aroma of Mediterranean herbs and spices, with notes of orange blossom and lemon peel. The licor is often consumed neat, on the rocks or as an ingredient in cocktails.

Fun Facts about Licor 43

Fun facts about Licor 43 include that it was originally created as a gift for friends and family by Diego Zamora, who later turned it into a commercial product. Another interesting fact is that Licor 43's bright yellow color comes from the addition of saffron to the recipe.

Production Process of Licor 43

The production process involves macerating the various natural ingredients in alcohol to extract their flavors and aromas. The resulting liquid is then blended with other ingredients such as sugar and water before being aged in oak barrels for several months.

SKU L-04-939-00
Brand Licor 43
Alkoholprocent 31 %
Produkt højdepunktetiket Med Gratis Produkt
Oprindelsesland Spanien
Indhold 1 l
Drikkevaretype Likører
EAN stregkode 8410221110006

Licor 43 Licor 43 1ltr


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