Minttu Peppermint 50cl

Country Of Origin Finland
Weight Unit Amount 0.5 l
Alcohol Percentage 50 %
Minttu Peppermint 50cl is a refreshing and invigorating licor from Finland. Made with real peppermint leaves, its intense and minty taste is perfect for hot summer days. Enjoy it on its own or as part of a delicious cocktail.
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About Minttu Peppermint

Minttu Peppermint is a popular licor brand that comes from Finland. It has been produced since 1956 and it is very popular in the Nordic countries. The brand is known for its high-quality peppermint flavor, which is both refreshing and invigorating.

Production Process

The production process of Minttu Peppermint involves steeping real peppermint leaves in alcohol for several weeks. This allows the flavors to infuse into the spirit and create a strong, refreshing taste. After this process, the liquid is filtered to remove any impurities before being bottled and sold.

Taste and Aroma

The taste of Minttu Peppermint is intense and very minty. It has a strong flavor that lingers in the mouth for a long time. The licor is often described as having a cooling effect, which makes it perfect for hot summer days. The aroma of the licor is also very minty, with hints of sweetness and freshness.

Fun Facts

One fun fact about Minttu Peppermint is that it was originally developed as a cure for stomach problems. However, it quickly became popular as a refreshing drink that could be enjoyed by anyone. Another interesting fact is that the licor is very versatile and can be used in many different cocktails, such as mojitos, martinis or even hot chocolate.

Origin and Place of Production

This licor is made in Finland, a country that is famous for its pure water and natural ingredients. The base of the licor is a neutral spirit that is flavored with real peppermint leaves. The final product is a crystal clear, powerful and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a cocktail.

SKU L-04-945-00
Brand Minttu
Tilbudspris 120,00 kr.
Alkoholprocent 50 %
Inkluderer Giftbox Nej
Oprindelsesland Finland
Indhold 0.5 l
Drikkevaretype Likører
EAN stregkode 6420614681879

Minttu Minttu Peppermint 50cl


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