Famous Grouse 70cl

Country Of Origin Storbritannien
Weight Unit Amount 0.7 l
Alcohol Percentage 40 %
Famous Grouse is a smooth and rich Scottish blended whisky with notes of honey, vanilla, spice and a slightly smoky flavor. It's named after the red grouse bird, native to Scotland, and has won many awards over the years.
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About Famous Grouse

Famous Grouse is a Scottish blended whisky brand that has been around since the 1800s. It is produced by The Edrington Group, which is based in Perth, Scotland. The company was founded by William Gloag, who was a grocer and wine merchant in Perth.

Taste and Aroma

The Famous Grouse whisky has a smooth and rich taste with notes of honey, vanilla, and spice. Its aroma is sweet with hints of sherry and oak. The whisky also has a slightly smoky flavor due to the peat used during the production process.

Fun Facts

One fun fact about Famous Grouse is that it was named after the red grouse bird, which is native to Scotland. The bird has become synonymous with the brand and can be seen on every bottle of Famous Grouse whisky.

Production Process

To produce Famous Grouse whisky, the company uses a blend of different grain and malt whiskies from various distilleries across Scotland. The whiskies are then matured in oak casks for several years to achieve their signature taste and aroma.

Popularity and Awards

Famous Grouse is a popular choice among whisky drinkers worldwide and has won many awards over the years. It is also commonly used as a base for whisky cocktails due to its smooth and versatile flavor profile.

SKU L-06-314-00
Brand The Famous Grouse
Tilbudspris 115,00 kr.
Alkoholprocent 40 %
Inkluderer Giftbox Nej
Smagsprofil Rig og Fyldig
Område Det Forenede Kongerige - Skotland
Drikkevaretype Whisky
Type whisky Blended
Oprindelsesland Storbritannien
Indhold 0.7 l
EAN stregkode 5010314700003

The Famous Grouse Famous Grouse 70cl


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